It looks like the upcoming flagship smartphone, Google Pixel 4 just can’t stop leaking online. Similar to the Pixel 3 lineup last year, the upcoming Pixel 4 series has leaked weeks before the expected launch. The internet is crowded with leaks detailing different aspects of the upcoming Google Pixel 4 lineup. In fact, it does not look like these leaks are going to stop in the coming weeks. As previously noted, the device has leaked in comprehensive detail in high-quality YouTube videos. These videos seem to be the latest in a series of blurry device frames, renders, Weibo posts, references in the code, and more.

Google Pixel 4 leak details

According to a report by XDA Developers, the leaked hands-on video shows Google Pixel 4 specific software features. These features include Pixel Themes, Screen Attention, Ambient EQ, and a built-in Recorder app. The report revealed that this new hands-on video was posted on a Vietnamese YouTube channel. First up, we have Pixel Themes under the “Style & wallpapers” option in the “Display” sub-menu in the “Settings” app. This will likely open the Pixel Themes app allowing users to customize accent colors, font, icon shapes, and more.

The same section also includes “Screen attention” toggle. As previously reported, this is likely to keep the screen awake as long as you are looking at your smartphone. The third new feature present in the same section in the Ambient EQ option. As noted in the setting description, it is likely to function like True Tone on Apple devices. Google clarified that this setting will automatically change the white balance of the screen based on the lighting conditions around. It is likely to be similar to what we get on Google Nest Hub devices.

Google Pixel 4 Hands-on video also briefly shows all the apps installed on the smartphone. The list also includes a new “Recorder” app which is likely to allow native audio recording on devices. The host of the video did not open the app but it is likely that it may also support screen recording along with internal audio. It also showcased the “Smooth Display” feature in the “Display” section. This allows users to turn on the 90Hz mode on the device along with support for “dynamic adjustment of the refresh rate”.

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