Google is getting ready to launch the Pixel 4A on May 22. However, ahead of the launch, we have some new details on the Google Pixel 4A, and also the Google Pixel 5. Instead of a specification or feature, the new details could actually be the prices of the upcoming Google smartphones.

The details come from a recent survey that Google conducted. Posted by a Reddit user named Pop-Quiz_Kid, the survey suggests that the Google Pixel 4A could cost $349 (about Rs 26,433) and then later launching Google Pixel 5 could cost $699 (about Rs 52,942). The details come from a screenshot of the Google Opinions Rewards app.

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Apart from the pricing, the screenshot also hints at some specifications of the Pixel 4A and Pixel 5. These include the presence of a 3.5mm headphone jack on the mid-range Google Pixel 4A and a “best-in-class camera” on the higher-end Pixel 5.

The $249 pricing for the ‘Google Pixel Phone’ lines up perfectly with the price rumors of the Google Pixel 4A we recently saw. Meanwhile, Google Pixel 5 will be relatively cheaper than most premium flagship phones. Then again, there have been recent talks about the Google Pixel 5 not really being a flagship phone. It might just pack the latest processor along with a great camera and other normal specifications.

Moreover, this is not the first time Google has leaked information via the Opinion Rewards app. Last year, the company asked similar questions around an app store subscription. This was lined up around the same time Google launched the Google Stadia Play Pass.

In other news, Google is finally rolling out dark mode support on its dedicated Google Search app. As part of the rollout, all app users on Android and iOS are getting the new mode. This comes months after the company first rolled out this feature in the beta version. The company also revealed some details about the pace of the feature rollout. As per the company, this new mode is reaching some percentage of users now. The feature will roll out to more users across Android devices in the coming days.

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