Google unveiled the new Google TV service in its presentation of the Google Pixel and the new Chromecast a few days ago. This new service is an authentic hub of streaming services that will help you quickly choose what you want to see on a new interface.

Although the brand did not mention how the new service would reach users at the time of the presentation. Now, it seems that the American company has already decided and started launching an update for some users. The new update to Google Play Movies makes the app Google TV. this is the only application you need to have on your phone.

It appears that the brand will update this application as Google TV. There is a possibility to download the APK of the app. However, it seems that it does not work for all users. Even downloading the new app, we still see the old Play Movies app. Thus, Google may be launching its new app in only a few markets.

With a new look, Google TV users will find three new tabs to bring the content that may be of interest to you. In the movies tab, we will find tips and more recent releases; the same goes for shows. The store displays the items you can purchase at any time. The library reveals all the items you purchased or rented at that time. The bottom pane has four tabs such as Home, Shop, Library, Watchlist.

The Google Play Movies & TV application launched back in 2011, turns into Google TV with more than 5 billion installations when upgraded to version When installing an update, the user is notified about this. The services are available in the United States. However, it is expected that as soon as it arrives in India, Google TV will have the implementation of these applications.

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