Google quietly launches ‘Switch to Android’ app for iPhone users

As of now, there is no easy way for users to transfer all their data, including their contacts and their media files, while switching from an iPhone to an Android-OS powered smartphone. But that is about to change as Google has quietly launched its ‘Switch to Android’ app on Apple’s App Store.

Notably, the code of the app was first spotted by 9To5 Google last year. Now, less than a year later, Google has made the app available to iPhone users. However, the publication points out that the ‘Switch to Android’ is an unlisted app and that it can be downloaded only using this direct link. We at BGR India tried looking for the app on our App devices but we were unable to find it.

What does Google’s ‘Switch to Android’ app do?

As the name goes, Google’s Switch to Android app enables iPhone users to transfer their data such as photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events to a new Android device wirelessly. “The app also walks you through other important steps to setting up your device, like turning off iMessage so you don’t miss text messages from friends and family,” the App Store listing says.

It is worth noting that Google also has a ‘Switch to Android’ website that guides users through switching from an iPhone to an Android smartphone. The steps as per the website include getting Google Drive for iOS, backing up all user data on Google Drive, turning off iMessages (so that users don’t miss any messages or calls once you’ve switched to Android), and signing into the new phone.

It is worth noting that Google is not the only company that has launched an app to help users migrate to its platform. Apple back in 2015 had launched a ‘Move to iOS’ app in a bid to help Android users switch to iPhones.

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