Google releases Group calling, new Data Saving Mode for Google Duo on Android in India

Google has officially announced arrival of Group video calling feature for Google Duo in India. The feature rollout was spotted earlier this month by users, but there was no official statement from Google. The company on Friday released statement that Google Duo users will now get Group video calling feature and Data Saving Mode in the application. These features are available in India for Android users starting today, and will be coming soon to iOS.

“India is already the largest market for Duo globally, and we’re committed to building for India, helping people have a seamless and delightful experience connecting with their loved ones face to face. As a part of that commitment, we are happy to announce two new features on Duo today: Group Calling and Data Saving Mode,” said Shweta Vaidya, Product Manager, Google Duo.

In order to check if you’ve got the Group calling feature or not, the Google Duo app first need to be updated to the latest version. Once you open the app, there should be a ‘Create Group’ button right underneath the search bar. Google has noted that the group video calling can now take up to eight people, which was earlier limited to four participants. On the other hand, the new Data Saving Mode in Google Duo limits data usage while video calling to make it easier to multitask on other apps. Google claims that the feature may reduce data usage by up to 50 percent.

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Google introduced the Duo app video chat service back in 2016 at its I/O conference along with Google Allo. Recently, the service received a web version which can be accessed from website. Similar to Google Duo app, you first need to sign in there and then can use search box with a list of your contacts to ping or dial your desired contact number. Furthermore, the web version of Duo offers support for both voice and video calls, and one can even answer calls on the Web version.

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