A new report has emerged stating that Google has just removed 28 apps from its Google Play Store with more than 48,000 installs. Google removed these apps because they were fake and did not provide any functionality that was promised in the description or the name of the app. All these apps were created by the same developer by the name “Sarvesh Developer”. Taking a look at the names of the app removed, most of these apps claimed to provide functionality related to finances along with some apps present for stickers, tips, and even web hosting and DNS provider.

The report was provided by cybersecurity giant Quick Heal where the company investigated reports about fake apps. After conducting its investigation where Quick Heal tried all the apps, went through user comments and looked at the MD5 file signature, the company then submitted its findings to Google. All the 28 apps were ridden with advertisements and the apps showcased full-screen ads to its users. As noted in the report, it is likely that the developer only made all these apps to earn money from advertising in these junk apps.

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Another thing that the report noted is that some of the apps did not match to what was showcased in the screenshots section on their Google Play Store listing. Taking a closer look, all the apps presented users with some task to help them earn some money. As part of the tasks, users needed to watch some advertisements, download some additional apps and even click on some advertisements.

Some of the apps claimed that scoring 10 points will allow users to earn real money through Paytm. However, users noted that the promise for real money through Paytm was fake. Some portions of the app were completely misleading pushing users back to the dashboard even after they completed the tasks. The notification section of the app also shows a message in Hindi where presumably the app developer was reassuring users about the Paytm payment.

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