Software giant Google is finally rolling out dark mode support on its dedicated Google Search app. As part of the rollout, all app users on Android and iOS are getting the new mode. This comes months after the company first rolled out this feature in the beta version. The company also revealed some details about the rollout including the pace of the feature rollout. As per the company, this new mode is reaching some percentage of users now. The feature will roll out to more users across Android devices in the coming days. Let’s check out more details regarding the dark mode on the Google Search app here.

Google Search app dark mode launched; details

According to a report from Engadget, the company seems to have extensively tested the dark mode before this wider rollout. The report also highlighted that everyone may not be able to see the dark mode immediately. It is likely that some users may have to wait for a couple of days. This rollout seems to be a server-side change. This means that users don’t really need to toggle any switch in the app settings or wait to download a specific version of the app. Though, make sure that you are running the latest version of the app to get the mode as soon as possible.

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The report also noted that dark mode rollout will depend on the operating system and version of the OS. To clarify, this new feature is only available on Android 10, Apple iOS 12, and 13. Though, iOS 12 users may have to flick a button for the feature. If you are not a fan of the mode then you can manually turn the mode off from the settings.

Dark mode in the Search app will help create a more unified experience for users across different platforms and more. It will also likely reduce the eye strain that users may experience while trying to read the content in dim-light environments or at night.

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