Google’s Pixel program has always resulted in uncanny experiences for both consumers and the company. In a new incident, a customer wanted refund on a defective Pixel 3 smartphone, and instead ended up of getting 10 more units from Google. This bizarre experience is the story of how customer service went amiss for a Pixel 3 user, who goes by the handle Cheetoz on Reddit. After receiving 10 more Pixel 3 smartphones, the man took to Reddit to narrate the shipping blunder by Google and hoping to get some resolution.

Cheetoz describes the incident where he wanted to get refund for a defective Pixel 3 in Clearly White color that he bought for $1,000. However, he claims to have received only $80 to cover the sales tax. While he was already frustrated, Google added more pain to the sorrow by shipping 10 more units of Pixel 3 smartphones in Not Pink color. He was hoping to receive approximately $900 that he was owed by Google, and is now holding onto a total of 10 Pixel 3 devices. He adds that he had placed a single order for a Not Pink Pixel 3, but did not expect that 10 would show up at his door.

He shared image of 10 Pixel 3 smartphones in Not Pink color and added a message: “Google. I have your phones. You have my money. Let’s sort this out.” Technically, Cheetoz has received more that what he claims to be owed by Google and he even admits in the post that he is coming out ahead financially but he wants to do the right thing and wants to return them. In the post, he said that he does not want to do so without getting the refund that he is owed in exchange.

“If I don’t get the proper support here, I’ll going to attempt to return the extra 9 phones via $1000 COD,” Cheetoz added in his Reddit post. The thread was first spotted by Android Police, and shows how Google is still behind rivals when it comes to hardware and handling something as simple as a refund claim. He also adds that if the shipment is rejected, he plans to sell them to recoup the money that wasn’t refunded.

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The Pixel 3 user goes on to write that it won’t be the right thing to do but he has run out of patience and options. The thread, being on Reddit, got all the attention and a representative for Google from its Pixel 3 community reached out to ask for “some personal details”. While the issue is likely to get resolved, Google needs to internally question the blunder and work to fix some issues from not being repeated in the future.

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