Technology giant Google shared a video praising the efforts of healthcare workers last month. The video thanked all medical professionals battling the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and treating the infected. Now a new Google video has come out and it highlights people looking to help each other during the lockdown.

The new video is aptly named “Where There’s Help, There’s Hope”. It focuses on many people across the globe who are helping out the elderly and the poor. The clip also shows people aiding small businesses, communities, and neighbors during the Coronavirus lockdown. People are also searching for other ways to help others stay positive and keep pulling through the outbreak. You can find the video here.

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Available on Google Trends, the 1:30 minute-long video highlights the fact that ‘How to help’ searches on the platform’s search engine are all the rage right now. As stated by 9to5Google, the video also uses an instrumental version of St Vincent’s Ney York as the background score. It ends with the beautiful title message of “Where there’s help, there’s hope”.

Moreover, there is a new blog post by Google along with the video. “We thank them for every late night, every extra shift. Every missed dinner at home. We thank them not only for the sacrifice they continue to make for us all, but the sacrifices their families and loved ones are making in kind,” said the post. “We thank them for showing up every day and night, all in service of saving lives and helping others,” the post further added.

In other news, Google also recently pledged USD800 million for supporting health organizations across the world. The funds will also help researchers and businesses that have been impacted by the ongoing crisis. Depending on nature, the aid from Google will be provided as either cash, ad credits or cloud services from the company. Google also recently announced in a separate blog post that it was collaborating with Apple to develop a new Bluetooth-based contact tracing solution that will help with the outbreak.

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