Google planning to roll out Android update through Play Store first appeared in the source code of new version of Play Store and now, it seems to have become a certainty now. Google has confirmed that it will indeed release Android Q beta updates through Play Store. The biggest benefit of using Play Store to seed updates as opposed to traditional method is that it will reach users faster and easier than before. A number of Google Pixel users took to Reddit to confirm that their Android Q beta updates started arriving via Google Play Store.

Those running Android Q beta on their Google Pixel smartphones should start seeing notifications like the ones received through the System Update settings page. Once the update is downloaded and installed, your Pixel will obviously start automatically. Since this method of releasing Android update is easier to find and download, it also becomes faster to update than previous updates. This method of Android software updates will only be available to those using Google’s Pixel phones and not other Android smartphones.

Google is releasing these Android updates and a revised method of pushing out the update just weeks ahead of I/O 2019. The I/O 2019 is being held from May 7 to May 9 at Mountain View, California. If Google makes pushing out Android OS updates via Play Store as the standard method, it could result in all Android smartphones are getting updated in a way similar to apps get updated on their devices.

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While this method will make Android OS updates easier to discover and faster to download, it does not guarantee that Android smartphones will get software updates any sooner than they do now. The biggest problem with Google is to making sure that all devices get Android updates at the same time as its own Pixel phones. A previous report showed that Play Store has an interface to trigger the system update and it could have been done by the search giant.

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