Earlier this year, Google reportedly confirmed that it will remove Android Beam from Android Q OS. In case you are not aware, Android Beam is a way of sharing files and media between Android devices via NFC. The search giant introduced this feature with 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in 2011. Now, Google is reportedly working on a new Airdrop-like Fast Share feature to offer fast universal sharing for Android devices.

“Google is now working on an alternative named “Fast Share” that’s similar to Apple’s AirDrop on iOS and Mac. However, a more immediate comparison in terms of functionality and even interface is the standalone Files by Google app,” 9to5google reports.

Google is said to be testing ‘”Fast Share” feature. It will allow Android users to wirelessly share photos and other files to nearby handsets leveraging Bluetooth. Moreover, one will also be able to share URLs and snippets of text — “to nearby devices without internet.” One will find this feature in the Share Sheet, coupled with a few other sharing methods. This is also available in your phone’s Settings app. You just need to navigate to Google > Fast Share.

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Users can then transmit files to another device using the “Fast Share” option. Notably, the feature will also use your location and turn on its Bluetooth radio. Needless to say, your device needs to be in close proximity to the device. One will get a notification to “Accept” or “Decline” the file, and witness details like “Device name” and “connection ID.”  Furthermore, the feature will also show you a fullscreen UI of what is being shared as well as a circular progress icon.

As per the source, users will reportedly be able to leverage “Fast Share” on Chromebooks, smartwatches, and iPhones. The Fast Share feature will also allow users to give “Preferred Visibility” to people that are frequent senders. “You can give people preferred visibility to make sharing faster. People with preferred visibility always see your device when you’re nearby, even if you’re not using Fast Share,” the report stated. It is currently unknown whether Fast Share will work with older versions of Android.

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