If you look at majority of recent smartphones, they come with tall displays, as it’s the current trend. While bigger displays offer more screen real estate to enjoy viewing experience, it also makes things difficult for single handed use. Take an example of the popular Google Chrome browser, whether you want to open a new tab or switch between the open ones, or visit a new website, it isn’t as easy, but Google is looking to fix the same with recent updates.

Folks over at XDADevelopers recently spotted a redesigned bottom toolbar that shows open tabs, and add new tab shortcut at the bottom. This should enable users to easily switch between tabs. This bottom bar will show icons of all the open tabs in the background. Then, there is a small “^” icon on the bottom bar, tapping on which brings up the mini tab switcher.

The tab switcher has a new grid layout showing four open tabs, two in each row. Each open tab has an “X” button on the top right, to let you close individual tabs. The bottom bar also has a “+” button, tapping which you can quickly add a new tab.

Usually, Google makes new features available via chrome://flags, but the current feature cannot be enabled from there. The developers did manage to enable the feature in a Chromium nightly build, and they expect it to officially rollout in the coming weeks.

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