Tech giant Google is coming up with a new kind of streaming device. The new streaming device will reportedly look a lot like the Chromecast but will function like an Amazon Fire TV Stick or a Roku. The new device will hence, come with its own full-fledged TV interface that will eliminate the need to have a phone to control and launch content. This was perhaps the only drawback with Chromecast.

The new Google streaming service would further allow users to install applications for streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ from Google’s Play Store. As expected, the device will also be integrated with Assistant for voice control. Support for casting content to the screen is there and so is support for Google’s new Stadia cloud gaming service.

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The product might launch under the Google Nest umbrella

The streaming device will be marketed under a new separate brand by Google. This will separate it from third-party streaming services also based on Android TV, reports Protocol. The company is considering using its Nest brand for this purpose. The company has been trying to turn Nest into a sub-brand that deals with its smart-home and entertainment hardware.

When Google will release the new device is still unknown. The Google I/O 2020 annual developer conference would have been a great venue for this. However, the event has been dropped due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As per the report, The company’s plans for launching the device this summer may also have to be pushed back. There is currently no word on the pricing either. Google Chromecast is available for $35, while the higher-end Chromecast Ultra is available for $69. The report suggests we could see a price under $80 for the new project.


The new direction should do well for Google. The tech giant made a hit with the original Chromecast. But the service eventually saw a decline in popularity with the arrival of competing products from Amazon or Roku. The new Google streaming device should finally help the company be relevant in this market again.

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