Google is apparently facing a bug with its top stories carousel, which is not loading all the images for the listed articles. Multiple reports have cropped up on Twitter with people complaining about the issue. The issue is causing solid colour windows to appear instead of the images when searching for specific keywords like “News”, “Redmi Note” and more.

We tried testing the issue and it replicated for us on many keywords. While some of the carousels seem to have been fixed, like for the keyword “covid booster shot” it could simply be that the issue will show up for different keywords for everybody.

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While the issue might not seem major for many, it is a main source of traffic for news websites. And if an image for a story is not served to the user, it is highly unlikely that the user would click on the result.

Google is yet to respond to this bug, however, it seems as if the company is already trying to fix the bug.