Google Travel Insights tool unveiled to help travel industry recover from COVID-19 loss

Travel and tourism is among the worst-hit industries, thanks to lockdowns across the world due to COVID-19. However, there is a pent-up demand for travel again as governments are exploring ways of opening safe international travel. In an effort to help the industry prepare for what’s coming, Google has unveiled its new. Travel Insights tool. According to Google, the search interest in travel is back up to 50 percent of its pre-COVID level.

“Today, we’re launching Travel Insights with Google: a website the industry in our region — and ultimately, the rest of the world — can use to understand travel demand and make better-informed decisions. It’s built around three new tools,” Google said in a blog post. The three tools include Destination Insights, Hotel Insights, and Travel Analytics Center which could prove beneficial for the travel industry in recovering as restrictions ease and people begin booking travel.

Google Insight Tools unveiled

The first tool is Destination Insights that will provide travel businesses with information about the destinations that travellers are searching for in different places globally as well as domestically. This could enable governments to make a more informed decision on which routes to resume for travel and help tourism boards and businesses in choosing where to communicate with potential customers. The tool will essentially give a clear picture of the top sources of demand for a destination that travellers are most interested in visiting, Google added.

Another tool is Hotel Insights that is supposed to help hotels generate “extensive insights about demand for hotel bookings”. This means hotels will get a better understanding of where the demand for their property may be coming from. The tool will enable hotels, especially small and medium-sized businesses to understand their target audience.

Finally, the  Travel Analytics Center tool is only available to Google’s commercial partners in the travel sector. “It will enable organizations to combine their own Google account data with broader Google demand data and insights, giving them a clearer picture of how to manage their operations and find opportunities to reach potential visitors,” Google’s blog post read.

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