Google turns 23rd birthday today, creates an animated cake doodle

Happy Birthday, Google! The tech giant is celebrating its 23rd birthday today i.e. on September 27, 2021. Continuing the tradition of creating special doodles on every special occasion, Google has developed a special doodle for its own birthday.

The Google doodle features a cake with “23” written on top along with a birthday candle in place of the “L” in “Google“. To recall, the tech giant was founded in 1998 by two Stanford University Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

“Every day, there are billions of searches on Google in more than 150 languages around the globe, and while much has changed from the early days of Google, from its first server housed in a cabinet built out of toy blocks to its servers now being housed in more than 20 data centers globally, its mission of making the world’s information accessible to everyone remains the same,” states Google Doodle’s page.

Google’s 23rd birthday

Google was originally founded back on September 4, in the year 1998. For the first seven years, the tech company celebrated its birthday on this day. Seven years later on September 27, the company set a record number of pages on the search engine. Since then, Google celebrates its birthday on this day.

To recall, the domain of was registered on September 15, 1995. On September 4, 1998, Page and Brin registered Google as a company and opened the first bank account in the company’s name.

In the year 1996, Both Page and Brin named their search engine BackRub before calling it Google. Decades later, today Google is undoubtedly the largest search engine in the world.

The search giant lets you search anything and everything in more than 100 languages. In India too, the tech company has added support for several local/regional languages recently with the aim to reach each and every corner of the country.

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