Google is set to kill Hangouts for its G Suite users in October 2019, and will transition them to Meet and Chat. While the messaging platform is losing support, Voice is getting new features including support for VoIP calls. The service got a revamp couple of years ago and the VoIP feature, which has been in beta since early last year, is now rolling out more widely to Google Voice users. The wider roll out of the feature has been confirmed by the product lead for Google Voice on Twitter.

Scott Johnston, the product lead for Google Voice, tweeted early in the day that voice-over-IP (VoIP) is rolling out “as we speak” in reply to a user who questioned about the transition from Hangouts to new tools. The Voice over IP functionality first appeared on Google Voice in April of 2018, but it has not rolled out completely to all the users at this time. While it is not clear what caused Google to delay the roll out for so long but Johnston confirmed that the feature will reach 100 percent availability next week.

9to5Google says the feature is yet to reach the personal account of a lot of users. It reports that the feature should be available both on web as well as on the app. The delayed roll out of VoIP on Voice shows Google’s failure to build one cohesive messaging platform that integrates multiple useful features and streamlined support.

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After it retires Google Hangouts for G Suite later this year, the service will continue to be available for regular users, showing Google‘s inability to retire the service simultaneously. Once when users transition to Meet and Chat, they will realize the need for Voice to do VoIP calls, which could be irritating for some users.

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