Google warns Chrome users to update browser immediately

Google is rolling out a crucial update for Chrome users. The tech giant wants users to update their browsers immediately to prevent hackers from attacking their devices or stealing personal information.

The latest update improves its security by patching a zero-day vulnerability that hackers are reportedly already exploiting. Google explains that the new Chrome update fixes at least five vulnerabilities, out of which four are rated as high risk and one is critical.

One of the five vulnerabilities is marked critical, which means it requires urgent attention. The tech giant said that the vulnerability CVE-2021-4102 affects Chrome’s JavaScript engine, which allows hackers to easily inject and execute malicious code on the targeted computer.

Information related to the other four vulnerabilities is limited but since they are rated “high” you must take them seriously as well. Either way, you must install the update immediately.

Here are the details of vulnerabilities Google highlighted:

— CVE-2021-4098: It is rated as critical and an insufficient data validation vulnerability in Mojo

— CVE-2021-4099: It is rated as high and used after free vulnerability in Swiftshader

— CVE-2021-4100: It is rated as high and an object lifecycle issue in ANGLE

— CVE-2021-4101: It is rated as high and a heap buffer overflow vulnerability in Swiftshader

— CVE-2021-4102: It is rated as high and used after free vulnerability in the V8 engine and it has already been exploited.

It appears that mobile and tablet versions of Google Chrome are unlikely to include the zero-day vulnerability. However, to keep your data safe and hackers away, it is recommended to update the browser to the latest version on all your devices.

So, if your Chrome browser is running on the latest version, Google wants you to immediately update it. Once the update is done, the Chrome browser should be upgraded to version 96.0.4664.110. The update is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

How to update the Google Chrome browser

Step 1: Head over to the Help and About section

Step 2: If you see an update available, Google will download it automatically or provide you with the option.

Step 3: Once the update is downloaded, click on the Relaunch button. This will reboot the browser.

Once the process is completed, the browser will restart automatically.

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