Software and search giant Google seems to be working on a new SDK (software development kit) for game developers on Android. It looks like the company has teamed up with notable game engine developer Unity to create this SDK. There seem to be a number of reasons to create this SDK and according to new information, the primary one is to improve support for Unity-based games on Android. According to the information, the new SDK will be based on Vulkan and Android NDK. Other contributing factors towards this are likely to be the rise of gaming smartphones and the arrival of heavy-duty games to the platform including PUBG and Fortnite.

According to a report by 9to5Google, this SDK will improve the overall game development experience for game makers by making the process less complex. It will also provide “better control over the complex details of the 3D graphics” without the need to make device specific optimizations. The report noted that this SDK initially appeared back in September and includes Vulkan graphics API-based Swappy library. Swappy is meant to provide better controls over “thing like the swap interval” to game developers.

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The report also pointed out at the recently leaked video of Android Q with a “Game Update Package Preferences” setting in the Developer Options. It is possible that this option could be connected to the Android SDK that Google is currently working on. The report noted that Google is planning on improving the performance of Unity 3D-based games on Android. It is unclear about how the company plans to do this.

According to a code commit, it is possible that Google is working with Unity developers on the SDK to ensure that the game development engine includes a sample of the Android Game SDK. There is no official information on if and when the company plans to launch the SDK but looking at the development, it still appears like early days. It is possible that the actual SDK may still be months away from a proper release for developers.

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