Google, YouTube, Google Docs and other Google services have resumed after suffering an outage in many parts of the globe including India.

YouTube and Google were accessible on the desktop and the mobile post 18:30 PM IST while other Google services were also back online.

European countries were affected the most by this outage with some parts of the US, Australia and South-Asia also reporting Google services being down.

Most of the outage reports came at around 18:00 IST with most reports coming from people trying to access YouTube.

It was just last month that YouTube faced a major outage for a couple of hours and it appears that the video streaming platform has been the most affected in this outage.

As per website-tracker platform, all of Google’s services were affected by this outage. YouTube, Gmail, Google, Google Meet, Google Drive, Google Play were some of the services that as per Downdetector were down.

Downdetector Google

Image: Downdetector

Many frustrated users took to Twitter to report the outage and how they were struggling to access Google’s services. Some also saw the funny side of this.

Over 33,000 cases were reported on YouTube’s crash while around 13,000 cases were reported of Gmail services being down. At the time of publishing this article, Google Drive and Google websites had shown 1,000 and 14,000 reports respectively.


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