Technology giant Google has been back in the shop not just for its next Pixel device, but also for its own processor. The new Google processor is, as per reports, seeing significant progress and will power Google Pixel smartphones as well as Chromebooks as soon as next year. It would also help the company compete better with flagships from brands like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, which also develop and use their own chips.

The new processor would likely be custom-tailored to fit the Pixel phone’s needs and allocations. This may result in better overall performance. However, the new chipset would mean Qualcomm, which previously supplied the Snapdragon series processors to Google, would take a hit.

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We recently learned that helping the company develop the new processor is the South-Korean brand Samsung. The Samsung 5nm technology was used to make the custom processor for Google. Now in recent weeks, Google received the first working versions of the new chip. The new chipset is code-named Whitechapel. However, this is still in a development phase and the company wouldn’t likely be using the chips in its Pixel devices until next year.

Why Google’s own chipset makes sense

In addition to an octa-core architecture, the new Whitechapel processor will also include hardware that is better suited and optimized for Google’s machine learning technology. A part of the chipset will be dedicated to improving performance and the Google Assistant’s ‘Always-On’ capabilities.

This will help with many elements besides just the performance of the device. More optimizations mean that the device will see improvement in areas like battery life, speed, and other capabilities. Further, self-manufactured processors have helped brands save on costs and have more control over their own processes and devices.

Google probably realized this a while ago and has been taking small but significant steps towards independence ever since. The Pixel 4 already included custom Google chips for machine learning and image processing. Further, the brand has also hired chipset experts from rival brands, including Intel and Apple.

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