Google Messages is the default app for handling SMS/MMS in the Android ecosystem. It’s simple, lightweight, and supports new messaging protocols like RCS (Rich Communication Services). With the latest update, it can even protect your smartphone from spam text messages and show users more details of the sender.

Google has now begun rolling out two new features for the Messages app. This includes the Verified SMS feature and Google Spam protection. Since it’s a server-side update, it will take a while for the new functionality to reach everyone. RCS adoption has been extremely slow in India because of the cellular carriers. The delay is likely because it will cut into the SMS revenue as RCS works on mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Verified SMS feature

The new Verified SMS feature will allow users to see if a message sent by a company is authentic or not. It will also show a verification badge in the chat thread if it is. The user will be able to see their business info and logo. This feature began its testing phase last month in November. The Verified SMS feature will be available in nine countries such as the US, India, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, France, Philippines, Spain, and Canada.

Spam Protection

Another new feature that Google has rolled out today is Spam protection. The Messages app will now automatically detect unwanted text messages to check if they’re spam. If it’s not, users can ‘train’ the feature to work better by tapping on either one of the ‘Report spam’ or ‘Report not spam’ options. The feature is similar to Truecaller’s spam detection functionality. It’s worth mentioning that with spam protection enabled, some information about your messages is sent to Google. However, this doesn’t include your phone number or the actual content of the reported text messages.

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