Google’s new wired Nest Doorbell launch set for 2022

Google has confirmed to launch a second-generation Nest Doorbell (wired) next year. The upcoming Nest Doorbell is said to come packed with 24/7 recording support and a Google Home app.

Talking to the official blogpost, Google Nest general manager Rishi Chandra said second generation of the doorbells would be better built than the first version.

“We know that those with wired doorbell connections prefer to have a doorbell that can also support 24/7 continuous video history (via the Nest Aware subscription). We are excited to share that we will be launching a 2nd generation of Nest Doorbell (wired) in 2022,” Chandra said in a statement.

Chandra also revealed that Google was aiming to be more transparent with their inventions especially when it came to their cameras.

Google recently unveiled a new line of home security cameras and a doorbell under its Nest brand.

The new Google Nest Cam, a battery-powered camera, is priced at $179.99, and Google Nest Doorbell (battery) is priced at $179.99.

There’s Google Nest Cam with a floodlight priced at $279.99 and the second-generation Google Nest Cam (wired) at $99.99.

With the new Nest Cams and a display, users can keep an eye on the backyard from their kitchen and get alerts when the doorbell rings.

They can detect important events that happen in and around the home, including alerts for people, animals and vehicles.

(With inputs from IANS)

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