Google’s touchless hand gesture technology could be used on future phones

Google was reportedly working on a new motion sensor tech, labeled as Project Soli, which recently got a nod from FCC. The search giant reportedly expects that the new tech will help users manage electronic devices without actually touching it. The FCC said the decision “will serve the public interest by providing for innovative device control features using touchless hand gesture technology.”

Those who are familiar with Samsung’s Air View technology, that first debuted on the Samsung Galaxy S4, might think that Google’s Project Soli sounds similar to this. However, Google’s new motion sensor tech leverages radar to enable users to operate devices using hand gestures in the air. In simpler terms, the Soli chip reportedly helps capture motion in a three-dimensional space using a radar beam to enable touchless gesture interactions.

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Google gave a few examples that “imagine an invisible button between your thumb and index fingers – you can press it by tapping your fingers together. Or a Virtual Dial that you turn by rubbing thumb against index finger. Imagine grabbing and pulling a Virtual Slider in thin air. These are the kinds of interactions we are developing and imagining.”

Earlier, Google asked FCC’s approval to allow the radar technology to operate in the 57 to 64GHz frequency band. FCC agreed to it by slightly above currently-allowed norms and granted a special license to Google, as per AndroidAuthority. As of now, Google’s Project Soli is still under development, but we can expect this cool new technology to arrive on future devices soon.

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