Now that we are done with the festive season, it is time to get the workout schedules back on track to lose all that excess weight. A good place to start will be to buy a fitness tracker to monitor all your activities. But when it comes to buying a tracker, buyers these days are spoilt for choice. Today, there’s a fitness wearable available across all sorts of price segments.

Despite the crowd, GOQii continues to stand out because of what it offers. It is a company that offers both wearables as well as a platform with coaches to help you get fit. The company’s latest wearable is a tracker that snaps onto your sports shoes in order to give you more accurate reading. I’ve been using the GOQii Stride for the last couple of weeks, and here’s my review.

Unique design

Since its inception, GOQii has come out with a range of wrist-based wearables to compliment the coaching platform. The new Stride however moves away from your wrist, and down to your feet. Particularly your shoes.

Now, shoes based trackers aren’t really new, and we have already seen smart shoes and smart insoles. But GOQii is going a slightly different way by introducing a tracker that snaps to your shoelaces. The Stride is basically shaped like a coin, and nestles into a clip. This clip ensures that the tracker is fastened to your shoelaces even when running.


Pairing the Stride to your smartphone is fairly easy. There are no buttons, and all you need to power it up is insert the coin-shaped battery in to the tracker. Once inserted, fire up the GOQii app (on iOS or Android), and with a couple of taps the pairing process is complete.

For those who have not used it before, the GOQii app features a gamut of fitness data and related information. Besides that it also acts as a platform for connecting with your assigned coach. At first glance, it is likely to get a tad overwhelming as all the data is right in your face. But given a bit of time, you get used to it.

While the app is available on both platforms, the iOS version is far from optimized for the newer iPhones. The app not only looks ugly, but also crashes every couple of minutes. Fortunately, there’s no such issue with the Android version.

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As far as monitoring your activities is concerned, don’t expect the Stride to be 100 percent accurate. Time and again there was a vast difference in the readings between the Stride and my Apple Watch. The other day before removing my shoes I checked the Stride which showed that I had taken about 10,000 steps. While that does make one happy, the Apple Watch brought me back to reality by showing that I had actually done close to 8,000 steps. This despite wearing the Watch for more time. Having said that, I did notice the discrepancies weren’t as big as what I have experienced when using some of GOQii’s wrist-based trackers.

As you would have guessed by now, there is one big limitation to the Stride. The tracker is only useful as long as you are wearing your sports shoes, which is not more than a few hours everyday. With your GOQii coach monitoring data throughout the day, the Stride does feel limited. It in fact makes more sense to invest in one of GOQii’s wrist-based wearables.

Should you buy it?

GOQii had launched the Stride for Rs 1,199 making it the cheapest tracker in its portfolio. Currently though, it is available online for even less at around Rs 799. At this price, it comes across as a tracker for those who run as a hobby or those who prefer doing light cardio in the gym. If you are among those taking the first steps towards getting fit, the GOQii Stride comes across as a good start. But for the pros, it is quite inaccurate and far too limited in its functionality.

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