Greta Electric Scooters launches 4 new vehicles with starting price of Rs 60,000: Check all details

The electric vehicle space is constantly evolving in India and a new player has entered the industry with four new products that have been priced aggressively. Greta Electric Scooters, a Gujrat-based subsidiary of Raj Electromotives, has launched a new range of scooters. These new scooters have been priced from as low as Rs 60,000.

Greta Electric Scooters has launched four scooters namely, Evespa, Harper, Harper ZX and Glide. The electric scooters come with various electric powertrain options in order to meet the different demands of buyers. The price of the Greta scooters will go up to Rs 92,000. The company had plans to launch the new scooter earlier. However, the pandemic seems to have affected the launch schedule.

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All four Greta Electric Scooters have very distinctive styling. While this may not provide a coherent brand image, it does provide the buyers with more options in terms of design and style.

The scooters will be available in a total of four battery variants. In essence, the buyers will get a choice of either a 48 volt battery or 60 volt battery. Additionally, there is an option to select V2 or V3 variants of the batteries. The company is providing four different combinations to the buyers. Each battery will provide a different driving range. However, Greta Electric Scooters are expected to provide a driving range starting from 70 kms to 100 kms. The charging time is expected to be 4 hours for a complete charge.


As the name suggests, the design of this scooter derives inspiration from the popular Vespa line-up. The styling is strictly retro and the colour schemes as well. The scooter uses traditional touches like round chrome mirrors, round headlights and more. The Greta branding has been done prominently on the apron of the scooter.


The Harper and Harper ZX on the contrary have a very modern styling. The design is sharp and the placement of headlamps, indicators are also in line with modern scooters (mostly developed by Japanese manufacturers). When it comes to differences between the two models, the Harper ZX has a single headlamp whereas the Harper model has a dual headlamp cluster. Most of the other features remain the same.


In terms of design, Glide falls in between both the other models. The headlamp placement is on the apron which provides it with a unique look. Apart from the front fascia of the scooter, the rest of the design elements remain pretty conventional.

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