Happy New Year: Google kicks off 2019 with an animated doodle

The year 2019 is upon us, and Google is leading the New Year celebrations. As is the case every year, the search giant has featured a cute animated doodle on its homepage. It is basically a continuation of the animated doodle we saw yesterday on Google’s homepage.

It features the same pair of partying elephants who were seen getting ready for the clock to strike midnight. The clock in today’s doodle has struck midnight, and the elephants jumping with joy. Google’s description for today’s doodle reads, “Well, it’s time to call out the elephant(s) in the room: it’s out with the old and in with the new! Here’s to a bright year ahead.” The baby elephants are surrounded by balloons and party decor, and one of them is seen blowing popcorn through its trunk which forms ‘2019’ before crumbling to the ground.

The New Year 2019 Google Doodle has a global reach, and is not restricted to any particular country. The reach map shows every continent mapped in blue shade, which is not the most common sight for doodles that appear on Google’s homepage.

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As is the case every year, Google has been prompt in coming out with creative doodles to celebrate the holiday season. Last month, the company featured an animated doodle on its homepage to celebrate Christmas. This doodle showed the Google logo decked in festive decorations like red cherries, mistletoe and red stockings and red cherries. We also saw Santa Claus with his reindeers sleeping near the Christmas tree.

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