Hathway Broadband has just revamped its 125Mbps plan with a base price of just Rs 549 for its subscribers. The ISP seems to be preparing for the arrival of Reliance JioGigaFiber with this new Hathway Broadband plan. Hathway Broadband is not alone as an increasing number of Internet Service Providers are providing more affordable plans. However, the interesting thing about this situation is that Reliance Jio itself owns a majority stake in Hathway Cable.

Ever since the acquisition, Hathway Broadband has been offering attractive new plans in a number of cities across India. It is worth noting that most of these plans do not come with any FUP limit. This means that these plans are actually unlimited in the sense of speed as well as the data. Earlier, the ISP like most of its rivals was focused on monthly plans with FUP limits. As part of these plans, users often got reduced internet speed beyond a limit. The only other way users could get rid of the FUP limits was with the help of a connection with significantly lower speed.

Hathway Broadband plan details

According to a report by TelecomTalk, the 125Mbps plan is part of the Thunder plan that Hathway Broadband offers. Users get three tiers to choose from including the base Rs 549 with Rs 599 and Rs 649 plan. In addition to this, the company also offers a six-month Hathway Broadband plan and an annual subscription with more savings. The charges mentioned above are a monthly rental fee that a subscriber has to pay.

The report also revealed that this Hathway Broadband plan is available in Hyderabad and Kolkata. Another important thing to note here is that 125Mbps plans are the fastest that Hathway Broadband can offer its subscribers with no FUP limit. If subscribers think that they won’t really need that much speed then they can look at the 100Mbps plan. Similar to 125Mbps plan, the 100Mbps plan is also available in three tiers including Rs 499, Rs 549, and Rs 599.

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