Following the footsteps of Tata Sky, Hathway has reportedly discontinued its Multi-TV plan. Moreover, customers will now be required to pay the complete Network Capacity Fee (NCF). The company has announced that its subscribers will have to pay full NCF for the secondary and subsequent TV connections. Users can even independently choose channels for the secondary connection. Previously, customers were forced to take the same channels for multiple TV connections.

Notably, the revised price is Rs 130 per month for network capacity up to one hundred Standard Definition (SD) channels. In addition, Hathway will also charge an extra Rs 20 per month if users add 25 more SD channels. “if the subscribers opt for 100 SD channels on their second subscription, they will be paying Rs 153 including taxes in NCF. This is beside the content charges of the channels they have subscribed to,” TelecomTalk reports.

Notably, Tata Sky and Hathway are charging the same for multi-TV connections. Besides, after discontinuing multi-TV connection plans, Tata Sky introduced its new Room TV service. The company introduced this to offer users a better way to select channel packs for multi-TV connection. “Subscribers can seamlessly choose the content of their choice on the secondary connections and only pay for the selected content. Their secondary connections can now have different channels & services from the base pack selected for the first connection in the house under the same subscriber ID,” Tata Sky said.

Separately, Hathway Broadband recently revamped the 125Mbps plan with a base price of just Rs 549. As per the same source, the 125Mbps plan is part of the Thunder plan that the company offers. Subscribers get three options to choose from, which includes the base Rs 549 with Rs 599 and Rs 649 plan. Furthermore, Hathway also offers a six-month Broadband plan and an annual subscription.

Do note that the charges mentioned above are a monthly rental fee that a user needs to pay. Furthermore, the above-mentioned Broadband plan is currently only available in Hyderabad and Kolkata. Notably, the company also offers 100Mbps plan. Similar to 125Mbps plan, the 100Mbps plan also comes in three tiers like Rs 499, Rs 549, and Rs 599.

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