There’s a new battle royale game in town and it is turning a lot of heads. And today we will be discussing the best guns in each class that players can use in Call of Duty: Mobile. And by the different classes we mean Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, SMGs, LMGs and Shotguns. These are the primary weapon options in the game. Let’s start off our list.

Call of Duty: Mobile: 5 best guns

Assault Rifle – AK-47

Though there are many out there that will argue that the M4 is a more balanced weapon than the AK-47, we would disagree. The AK-47 has higher damage and the only trade off is the stability that can easily be substituted with accessories. The AK-47 is a devastating weapon in the Multiplayer and the Battle Royale mode and one of the best guns.


Damage – 70
Fire Rate – 55
Accuracy – 45
Range – 65
Mobility – 60

Sniper Rifle – DL Q33

This sniper rifle is the most basic one and the one first available in the Multiplayer. This has the most damage among sniper rifles but is bolt action. This means players need to reload after each hit. But one hit is usually enough to down an opponent, and snipers should aim for the head. This definitely makes one of the best guns in the game for long range.


Damage – 90
Fire Rate – 15
Accuracy – 60
Range – 45
Mobility – 95

SMG – PDW-57

Though others may have other choice when it comes to SMGs, the PDW-57 is ours. This is because this has a huge magazine and with an extended barrel, a vertical foregrip and a stock, this weapon has almost zero recoil making it one of the best guns. You can take out a whole enemy team with just one magazine of this devastating weapon. And it has deadly damage to top things off.


Damage – 90
Fire Rate – 50
Accuracy – 40
Range – 25
Mobility – 75

LMG – S36

Though this is available at a very advanced level. This LMG has excellent damage that is supported by its great range and stability.

best guns


Damage – 75
Fire Rate – 60
Accuracy – 45
Range – 55
Mobility – 40

Shotgun – HS2126

This shotgun is a death sentence at close ranges. The HS2126 is the deadliest shotgun in Call of Duty: Mobile, because it has a large drum magazine and has a burst fire mode. Essentially if anyone is caught in the crosshairs when the weapon is fired, they are dead. Perfect candidate for one of the best guns.

best guns


Damage – 75
Fire Rate – 45
Accuracy – 70
Range – 15
Mobility – 80

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