Here’s how to play PUBG Mobile on the official emulator on you PC

PUBG Mobile just celebrated its second anniversary and Tencent Games is on an overdrive with releasing content. While PUBG for PC may have popularized the battle royale genre in the gaming world. It was PUBG Mobile that made PUBG popular to the rest of the world. PUBG Mobile made the game a household name. To be fair there were battle royale games on smartphones before PUBG Mobile was released and these were all modeled after the PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. But none of these could compete with PUBG Mobile when it was released in March 2018, despite having a lead in terms of release period.

Now PUBG Mobile can be played on not just smartphones but PCs as well. As may may have guessed this could be done using emulators. When people started using third party emulators Tencent Games took matters into their own hands and released an official emulator for playing the game. This emulator tracks all stats and provides the best experience. While this emulator was previously called the Tencent Gaming Buddy, it has been rebranded as GameLoop.


How to play PUBG Mobile on PC using emulator

To play PUBG Mobile on PC the following steps need to be followed.

– The PUBG Mobile GameLoop emulator client needs to downloaded from this link on your PC.

– Wait for the download to complete after hitting the ‘Download’ button.

– Run the emulator setup file on your PC.

– Launch the GameLoop emulator once it is installed and you will be greeted with a lot of games that are available to play.

– Search for PUBG Mobile, hit the ‘Download’ button.

– This should prompt the GameLoop to download the game files.

– Once that completes you can hit ‘Play’ and launch the game which will ask you to login.

– Login using your Facebook, Twitter or Tencent ID and you will be taken to the homescreen of the game.

Do note that when playing from the emulator you will be matched with other emulator players.

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