One feature on the internet that has become somewhat less useful is Adobe Flash and the programs it used to run. So much so that Google Chrome stopped supporting Flash a while back. But that does not mean that these games and programs on different websites cannot be viewed on Google Chrome. It’s just that for those websites, it has to be activated for those games and programs to run.

Flash used to support some neat games and programs back in its hayday. If and when you do feel like looking back at those things, it does not necessarily mean another browser needs to be used for the process. Here in this article we will explain how you can still access Flash programs and webpages with Google Chrome.

Steps to activate Flash for Google Chrome

Step 1. Run Google Chrome and go to the website that has the program or game which requires Adobe Flash to run. This should prompt you to activate it. It will also provide you with a link to the Adobe Flash Player website.

Step 2. Notice on the left of the URL bar that there is a lock symbol. Click on this symbol and go to ‘Site Settings’, this should open up a new tab with options to control what is and isn’t activated on that particular website.

Step 3. Here notice that there will be an option for Flash, click on the drop down beside it which says ‘Block(Default)’ and select ‘Allow’.

Step 4. Back to the webpage which has the program you’re trying to run, it will prompt you that settings have been changed and the page needs to reload. Hence, just refresh the page and it should run.

Note: If you have already turned on Flash for a website and then deactivated it, when you click on the lock icon again it should prompt you with the option to turn it on right there. Just click on the drop down which says ‘Block(Default)’ and select ‘Allow’.

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