Chinese smartphone maker and electronics giant Xiaomi is currently celebrating “Quality with Mi” month. This celebration aligns with the International Quality Month of November. As part of the celebration, the company is highlighting its efforts to create high-quality products. The device maker invited us to its Foxconn facility in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh to showcase its work. Xiaomi dived deeper into the smartphone production and assembly as part of the factory visit. This included both the raw material quality control and the actual assembly of a smartphone. We also went through the assembly line production of the recently launched Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Xiaomi Quality with Mi celebration

Xiaomi highlighted the quality checks built at almost every step of the assembly. All the parts of the smartphone are checked before, during, and after the assembly of the device. Xiaomi has teamed up with Foxconn to create a cell-based production line that focuses on component testing. It also highlighted the strict quality control measures for the components of the smartphone. Foxconn also ensures that each component has a serial number or bar code to pinpoint the origin. This also helps the company in narrowing down the origin of any potential problem in the production line.

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The company also shared details regarding worker training, additional benefits, and more. This includes extensive orientation, multiple skill levels, specialized training, and more. Xiaomi also doubled down on all the India-specific innovations that it has made in the product. This also includes the inclusion of P2i nano-coating, anti-corrosion layer on the Type-C cable plug, and more.

Beyond this, we also witnessed the small details that Xiaomi obsesses over to ensure the quality of the smartphone. This includes redundant protection covers for the screen, the back panel, USB port, and more. Even after packing, the company shared details its OBA (Out of Box Audience) checks inside the factory. Here, the company takes boxes at random to check the quality of the final product. In addition to all this, Xiaomi has reaffirmed its commitment to deliver high-quality products with continued improvements.

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