Meta-owned Instagram is one of the popular online photo-sharing apps used by millions of users worldwide. Here, users can do many things to make their experience even better. Additionally, the app allows users to change the chat theme and accent color on their Android phone or iPhone. If a user wants to change the chat theme and accent color, he should use the latest version of the app.

Talking about the classic white and night modes, this is the most used mode for Instagram DM. With this Instagram feature, one can easily change the color of the chat and choose the accent color for Instagram DM.

Currently, the app offers 15 themes and 21 message background color options. The theme you choose may look different when you switch dark/light mode on your smartphone.

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Here’s how to change the chat theme on Instagram:

STEP1: Go to the home page of Instagram.

STEP2: Here, click on the information icon on the top right side of the screen.

STEP3: In the pop-down menu, select Settings.

STEP4: Now select the theme of your choice by clicking on the Instagram Chat’ Themes’ icon.

STEP5: When you change the chat’s theme, it changes for everyone involved in the chat.

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STEP6: If you are chatting with someone, a notification will also be sent to him to change the chat theme.

STEP7: For the color of the chat theme, you have to go to the menu on the top right side of the screen.

STEP8: Hereafter clicking on Chat Settings, the Chat Themes icon will appear.

STEP9: Now click on Themes and choose the color theme.

STEP10: It is essential to note that if the message is blue during the chat, it belongs to the sender. However, the white and gray messages belong to the receiver.

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