Nowadays, almost everyone keeps their essential data on their smartphone, whether bank details or any other financial document. In such a situation, if you lose your smartphone or it is stolen, then the data can also be misused. To avoid such a situation, ios allows its iPhone users to find the phone and delete the data.

It is mandatory to activate the Find My iPhone Feature in order to erase your iPhone data if you have lost it. Here’s how you can activate Find My iPhone.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Here’s how to do it:

STEP1: At first, click on Settings.

STEP2: Now click on Apple ID in the search bar.

STEP3: Now turn on the Find My iPhone feature in ID.

STEP4: In order to find your iPhone, you have to go to

STEP5: Now, sign in with your Apple ID and password.

STEP6: The location of your iPhone will be detected, and it will start showing on your map

STEP7: Now mark your iPhone as lost. For this, you have to turn on the last mode in the window on the screen.

STEP8: After that, an optional number has to be entered.

STEP9: Now, you will be asked to enter a custom message.

STEP10: After this, both of them appear on the screen of the iPhone, and due to this, the iPhone gets locked with the passcode.

Apple iPhone SE 2

STEP11: Now, you have to click on the Erase button in the window on your screen.

STEP12: After this, your confirmation will be asked first.

STEP13: After confirming, click on Erase.

STEP14: Now, all the data on the phone will be deleted.

Note – If you delete the data of your iPhone, then its location cannot be traced.

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