Digital payments platform Paytm has just announced a cashback program for its users. As part of the program, the company will start offering its users up to Rs 2,100 as cashback. This program is likely aimed at attracting more customers to use Paytm for digital payments across multiple platforms. However, this cashback offer comes with some conditions that the Paytm users have to follow to be eligible for the offer.

Paytm Cashback details

As part of the announcement, Paytm revealed that its users need to make payments by scanning QR codes using Paytm. The company clarified that the users can scan any kind of QR code including the ones made through Paytm. Paytm also supports QR codes created with the help of any other UPI-based app. It emphasized that QR code-based scanning and the built-in QR code scanner has made things easier of its users. This also increases the speed of things by ensuring that Paytm users don’t have to manually enter payment details. Users just need to scan the relevant QR code for the payment and the app automatically enters the details.

As part of the program, Paytm clarified that users don’t need to have a Wallet KYC. Instead, users can use UPI framework to make the QR code-based payments. There are no limitations of when or where Paytm users can use the app to make payments with QR codes. As per the report, users can use the Paytm app to make payments at shopping malls, eateries, apartment services, school fees, or even salons.

The amount of cashback on each QR code-based transaction will depend on the amount of money spend and the algorithm. Beyond this, Paytm also allows its users to send money with the help of mobile numbers. This way, the money will be sent to their Paytm wallet instead of their bank account. However, this mode of payment will not provide any cashback amount to Paytm users.

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