The first phase of India Elections 2019 is now underway and tech companies are taking this opportunity to drive civic engagement on their platforms. Snapchat was the first to introduce new creative tools and polling information for Indian voters on its platform. Instagram followed up with a sticker that users can share on Stories to confirm that they voted during the assembly elections. Now, Hike, which is the master of stickers among social messaging platforms, is also joining the fray with a couple of new custom stickers.

Hike, India’s homegrown social and tech platform, has announced the launch of new sticker avatars. The company says this personalized collection features a range of stickers that “encourage the youth to go out and exercise their right to vote in the upcoming elections.” During Elections 2019, over 900 million are expected to cast their vote and Hike is specifically targeting millennials with its message “Don’t chill, go vote!”

In a released statement, Hike notes that the 2019 General Elections will be historic since there will be over 15 million first-time voters in the 18-19 age group having registered to exercise their voting right. Hike says that this huge number of young voters, who also form a part of its core user demographic, are excited about participating in the country’s civic process. “With digital communication playing an important role in this election, these stickers are another great way for users to express themselves,” the company.

The stickers released by Hike are designed to send a social message where users can encourage each other to go out and vote. Some of the popular stickers in the pack include ‘Go Vote, Don’t chill’ & ‘The nation wants your vote’. Hike has turned stickers into a means of social expression and it is one of the most liked feature on the platform. Hike claims to have a library of over 30,000 stickers spanning over 40 languages and multiple genres.

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