To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Hike messaging app platform has announced new animated sticker packs for the occasion. The sticker packs express over a thousand shades of love through teddy bears, hearts, things couples do and many other things symbolic of love, noted press statement on Friday.

Hike app users on Android and iOS will be able to find and use these stickers starting Valentine’s week of February 6. These are up for download from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Additionally, Hike has a special pack for the LGBT community as well.

“Stickers are one of the most loved features of Hike. Hike offers a library of over 50K stickers in 40+ languages and covering multiple genres which highlight the colorful, cultural landscape of India, Bollywood, comedy, festivals, cricket, kabaddi, local catchphrases, emotions, and even excuses. There is also the nifty text-to-stickers feature on Hike chat that can turn any message you type into a fun sticker. Stickers are expressive and a great way to say what you feel. Hike’s most popular stickers reflect love, laughter and fun followed by festivals and regional references. Over 300 million stickers are exchanged every day,” noted Hike.

Last month, the company announced it will launch multiple apps in 2019. Hike said it intends to focus on its core strength of social and content with the launch of multiple apps aimed at catering to a singular use case and achieve that with greater ease and efficacy.

The company launched its model around a super app focusing on social and content segments back in 2012. However, it evolved its product to focus on multiple apps strategy last year, and has announced that strategy will evolve this year as well. All existing users will be able to continue to use the current Hike app or choose to migrate to the new apps as they become available for a streamlined user experience.

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