Hike Messenger to shut down this month; amidst the WhatsApp privacy policy controversy

Hike Sticker Chat is on its last leg, with CEO Kavin Bharti Mittal announcing on Twitter that the company will be shutting down its Sticker Chat app this month. Mittal in his tweet stated that the Hike Sticker Chat app is shutting down in January 2021, and that it will be replaced by two new apps – Vibe and Rush.

In the announcement, Mittal stated that all the user data will be made available to download from inside of the app. After the app has been shut down, HikeMoji will be made available in both, Vibe and Rush.

Vibe by Hike will be the home to HikeLand. Vibe will be an approval-only community, which you can apply on the company’s website to join. He stated that the company has already received over 1,00,000 applications for the app. He also said that the company had over 3,00,000 conversations last month, which it is looking to double this year. Rush will be a hub for small games and is currently available on the Apple App Store and will soon be available on the Google Play Store.

Whereas, Rush is a custom game app that allows users to play quick games like Carom and Ludo with their friends.

To recall, Hike Sticker Chat was originally launched in April, 2019 in over 40 Indian languages. Mittal in a tweet stated that “India won’t have its own messenger. Global network effects are too strong (unless India bans Western companies).”

All of these new developments from Hike come just after WhatsApp has been caught in a controversy surrounding its new privacy policy, wherein user have to share their personal data with Facebook or agree to not use WhatsApp after February 8.

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