Hike, the popular Indian messaging app, has announced that it will launch multiple apps in 2019. The company says the it intends to focus on its core strength of social and content with the launch of multiple apps this year. In a statement, the company said that these multi apps will be specialized apps aimed at catering to a singular use case and achieve that with greater ease and efficacy. The company launched its model around a super app focusing on social and content segments in 2012. However, it evolved its product to focus on multiple apps strategy last year, and has announced that strategy will evolve this year as well.

“In 2019, we continue to double down on both Social and Content but we’re going to do it with an evolved approach. We’re going to do it across multiple apps. That means, in 2019 we’re going to go from building a Super App that encompass everything, to Multiple Apps solving one thing really well,” Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder and CEO of Hike, said in a statement.

He added, “These are the 2 pillars of Hike with our users continuing to spend over 30 minutes per day on the platform and these remain spaces that have tremendous potential given the sheer scale and diversity of India. We are literally just scratching the surface.”

Hike, which made its debut as Indian social messaging app, has expanded to offer other features including payments. The company says it has focused on simplifying the app around social and content. Going forward, it aims to design multiple apps by taking core parts of the Hike product and remolding them into different apps. Thus, the company will deliver one service through one app. Hike will offer social and messaging in one, while content will offered in another app.

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All existing users will be able to continue to use the current Hike app or choose to migrate to the new apps as they become available for a streamlined user experience. “In our business the User Experience is key and the value isn’t just in the number of users but how engaged they are on our platforms. Unbundling Hike into multiple apps focused on doing one thing allows us more room in the pixels to deliver much more around one problem,” Kavin said.

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