Huawei sub-brand Honor seems to be working on a new smartwatch. However, unlike most smartwatches in the market, this upcoming smartwatch from the company is likely to be based on a MediaTek processor. The evidence that Honor is working on this new watch surfaced on the internet from a Bluetooth SIG certification. This comes right after the company launched its Watch Magic smartwatch, a watered down version of the Huawei Watch GT. There is no clear timeline on when the company is planning to launch its upcoming smartwatch.

Digging further in the details of the upcoming watch, the model name of the watch is “ELF-G10”, and the certification listing was initially spotted by GSMArena on Launch Studio. As pointed out in the initial report, the company is not referring to the watch as a “smartwatch” which hints that it will be a different kind of wearable device. It is possible that it will simply be a fitness tracker without the bells and whistles that usually come with typical smartwatches.

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Considering that the device may not be your average smartwatch while running on MediaTek, it is possible that the company is experimenting with the hardware of its devices. Similarly, the company is also going for its LiteOS operating system for its watches. It could mean that Honor and Huawei in the extension are working on optimizing both the hardware and the software of its devices for better user experience and battery life.

This comes right after Honor launched its Honor 8X and the Honor 8C devices in the Indian market. The company also launched its Honor Magic 2 in the Chinese market. Honor is gearing up for the launch of its upcoming Honor View 20 and it may launch its upcoming wearable with the device at the end of this month.

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