Huawei sub-brand Honor seems to be preparing to launch a new product in the coming week. The company teased the launch of a new category of products scheduled for July 15, 2019. The teaser in question comes just days after rumors about Honor Magicbook laptop and Honor TV surfaced online. Honor has not revealed any details about the launch or what it is planning to launch. The things that we know include some cryptic photos and the teaser post with a photo and a caption. Let’s start with the teaser post that Honor posted on Chinese social media website Weibo.

Honor TV launch teaser details

Honor is talking about the first camera in 1839, TV in 1924, and mobile in 1973 in the caption. It also states that every innovation requires one to break the limits. Every time someone invents something new and breaks their limits, they are not limited by their routine. The caption then highlights the July 15, 2019 launch event where Honor will launch a new category. This line is followed by a blank to generate hype online. The caption ends by asking users to guess the products in the comments down below the post.

The accompanying image to the caption showcases a drafting compass making a square with a rainbow border. The text on the poster asks users to break out from the routine and witness the future on July 15, 2019. Taking a closer look, it is likely that the company is teasing a Smart TV with narrow bezels. It is also likely that the company is teasing a laptop, the Honor Magicbook with thin bezels around the display. However, a majority of users in the comments section seemed to guess about an upcoming TV.

Honor TV Teaser

Taking a look at other teaser images, it appears that Honor is indeed planning to launch a TV and Honor Magicbook notebook. Honor President Zhao Ming posted a photo of his office on Weibo last week hinting at multiple upcoming products. We can spot the Honor Magicbook on the table along with Honor 9X. However, the image also included what appears to be a TV in the background. Ming seems to have covered the TV with a sticker and blurred the area to hide the design. Honor 9X will launch on July 23 so we will just have to wait and see what Honor reveals on July 15, 2019.

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