This is one of the fastest hosting server in the world. It is very reliable stable and on par with other hosting providers like siteground.

Hostinger  has everything on SSD including local  files, DB etc.. which is why page loads very fast. They also provide 3 different server locations to choose from including Singapore.

They have a cloud hosting service which offers dedicated resources like CPU, RAM and Disk space like a VPS. It’s very powerful and currently on sale upto 75 %.

Pricing: They are currently offering discounts upto 82% on shared hosting plans. Clound hosting which is very powerful like VPS is on sale with 75 % Off.

TechnoSavvy Exclusive discount info is provided at the end of the article.


If looking to create a new site with low traffic and need to learn and explore site hosting/wordpress etc then shared hosting is the best option specially the premium hosting plan with 77% off which costs around 159 Rs only.

If your looking to host a site with moderate to high traffic and looking to do marketing which will  gets higher hits to sites you should look out for cloud hosting which has powerful specs and dedicated resource like VPS. Since you do not manage it yourself you do not get root access like VPS.

If your an experienced developer or have a very popular site with huge traffic then you can look for a VPS which has powerful specs like cloud hosting with root access and very high.


In order to get maximum benefit go for longer duration plan so that you do not have to worry about renewal price hike. Go for at-least 2 year duration. Hostinger provides duration upto 4 years which is very good to get maximum benefit.

USA site link: Buy Now

Indian site link: Buy Now

Note: Click on the link using laptop as mobile phone uses AMP link which might make it appear as direct visit to site and you won’t be able to get any TechnoSavvy discount.

Please drop a mail before purchase to avoid any issue.

TechnoSavvy Exclusive Discount


  •  Additional discount of $10 from TechnoSavvy if purchased using above link for 2 year and above duration plan except on the basic single web hosting plan.
  • Additional discount upto $100 from TechnoSavvy if purchased using above link for 2 year and above duration plan on Cloud and VPS hosting plan. (except vps plan 1). Contact for extra information. 
  • Additional discount upto $200 on selected Cloud and VPS hosting plans. Contact for specific details.

Drop a mail with your Order Id to [email protected] & we will check and once approved we will give you your discount value.


Feel free to message us in case you have any queries at [email protected]



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    June 25, 2019 - 8:18 pm

    Thx for the wonderful offer.
    Hostinger is really good with great discount and thanks for giving additional discount on cloud hosting.

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