How PM Narendra Modi smartly explained PUBG Mobile addiction and technology

Ever since Players Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) has landed on this world, it has become a rage in the gaming community. The online multiplayer Battle Royale game has been enjoying success and has also gained the nomination for Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards in the year 2018. It has also managed to garner over 200 million downloads and 30 million active users globally.

However, the downside of the game is that it is affecting children and kids in schools very badly as the game has now become an addiction for many. Additionally, the game was recently banned in primary schools in Gujarat. Following this issue, during Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s interaction with students and parents at his Pariksha Par Charcha 2.0 event in Delhi today, a mother expressing her concern over the issue asserted that her son is deflected from studies and is addicted to online games.

PM Narendra Modi then playfully said, “PUBG wala hai kya?” On a serious note, expressing his concern over PUBG Mobile addiction as well as technology in general, he said, “the board exam is not the exam for life. Board exam is just like any other exam. Kuch khilaune ke tootne se bachpan nahi marta. The board exam is not the exam for life. It does not stop our lives. But exams are important for us,” said Narendra Modi.

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“Explore ways in which you encourage your children towards accepting and understanding technology.” “But remember, technology should be used to expand our horizons, not to let it shrink us in our life. It should not be allowed to narrow us down, as that would be very harmful for us,” he added.

“Like everything else, technology too comes with its positives and negatives. As parents, we must guide our children to get the most from technology. Encourage their inquisitiveness on learning about various apps… like how to build something, or cook something,” he said.

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