PUBG has tuned out to be one of the most popular Battle Royale games in the market. The game has swept most records associated with popularity and revenue over the last year. It has also been a primary driver of e-sports in a number of new markets. The company behind the game, PUBG Corp continuously makes improvements to the game including new features, game modes, and seasons. The company introduced a new testing area for more experimental features called PUBG Labs some time back. While rolling out PUBG Labs, the company introduced it as a section to gather feedback about new modes and features. The company recently tested a new interesting mode inside the PUBG Labs section called PUBG Bluehole mode.

PUBG Bluehole mode details

Taking a closer look, this new mode has the potential to transform PUBG and by extension PUBG Mobile as we know it. PUBG Corp is looking at making the game more interesting as part of the test. In addition, the company is also looking at making life difficult for campers inside the safe zone. According to a new post on the PUBG website, the company introduced the details of this new “Bluehole mode”. As part of the PUBG Bluehole mode, the company is looking at introducing a new inner Blue circle or a second inner Blue zone.

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The second inner Blue zone or circle will push players to keep it moving throughout the length of the game. The company shared mode details about the mode and conducted a limited test between December 5 till December 8, 2019. This mode will minimize campers and eliminate potential benefits for players already inside the safe zone and the ones outside. According to the post, the inner Blue zone will appear from the start till the second last stage of the game. This circle will be at the same location and of the same size as the next circle. Players inside this blue circle will get the same damage as the players outside the outer circle.

PUBG Corp also tweaked the item spawn rate inside this mode to be 0.5x higher than regular matches. It has also made changes to the revive timer may making them faster. The test concluded on December 8 on the Erangel map. It looks like the company has gathered the required feedback. It is likely to make tweaks to the PUBG Bluehole mode and roll out the feature in future updates.

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