It’s those times when everyone is posting their gameplay footages on social media. And while you might have made that cool frag streak while playing, you want to be able to flaunt that gameplay style for others to see. Though it might appear that capturing your gameplay might require other software, it actually does not. Provided you are using Windows 10, Microsoft provides you with a rather versatile option to capture images and footage while playing games.

This can be done using the Xbox Game Bar which is found built into Windows 10. Though there’s a chance that it could be deactivated if your device has been issued by your office. In case it is missing, it can be downloaded from here. While for personal computers this is a rather convenient method capturing your ingame footage. This is because it can be activated at any time without even having to minimize your game.

How to configure and use Xbox Game Bar

Step 1. To access the Xbox Game Bar settings click on your Start menu button and then the settings tab.

Step 2. Here you have to select the Gaming tab which will bring you to the Game Bar settings

Step 3. Here the first thing to do would be to turn it on by selecting the slider to turn on Game Bar.

Step 4. Next take note of the keyboard shortcuts for the different functions, these can be changed but here’s a list of the default ones.

Keyboard ShortcutDescription
Win + GOpen the Game Bar
Win + Alt + PrtScTake a screenshot with Game Bar
Win +Alt +GRecord configuration
Win + Alt + RStart and Stop recording
Win + Alt + MMicrophone on or off
Win + Alt + BStart or pause broadcast
Win + Alt + WShow camera in broadcast

Step 5. Next go the ‘Captures’ tab and take a note of where the video files will be stored so you can access these with File Explorer later. You can change this to your prefered folder as well.

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