Google probably has the most amount of data when it comes to your digital profile. Its apps track every move of yours across smartphone and desktop. The search giant tracks these information in order to serve more personalized experiences across services. The data collected is used to tailor experiences on apps like Maps and offer real-time traffic updates. Among all the data that Google collects, the most important one is user location. Google uses location data to help track your phone and show targeted advertisements.

After a backlash, Google admitted to collecting location data of its users from devices and applications. It also relies on pixel tracking, a HTML code snippet loaded into a website or email, to track users. As it faces the ire of legislators and regulators around the world, Google is making it easier to delete your location. Earlier, if you chose to enable location history, the only way to delete that data was to go into individual apps and manually remove them. Now, Google has changed it to automatically delete your location history.

Google currently offers two options for deleting your location history. The first option is where Google deletes the location history after three months and the second option is after 18 months. If you are wondering, how to automatically delete your location history on Android and iOS then we have you covered.

Here is how to delete your Location History

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1. Open the Google Maps app on your smartphone running iOS or Android.

2. Now, click on the hamburger menu icon on the top left corner.

3. Select Your timeline and if you are prompted to see your timeline then skip. Once the timeline window opens, tap on the more icon at the top right corner. Select Settings and Privacy from this window.

4. Now, scroll down to Location settings.

5. Tap on Automatically delete Location History and you will be shown three options. The first option is to keep data until you delete manually. The second option is to keep for 18 months while the third option is to keep the data for three months. Select “Keep for 3 months” from this window.

6. When you tap on this window, Google will offer an on-screen prompt showing the data that you are about to delete. Confirm the selection and Google will not keep location history older than three months. You also select Location History from Location settings and turn it off for good measure.

How to delete your Web and App Activity from Google:

1. Open Gmail.

2. Tap on the menu icon at the top left corner and scroll down to select “Settings”.

3. Now, select your account and tap on “Manage your Google Account”.

4. Click on Get started and select Data & personalization from the top navigation bar.

5. Go to activity controls and select Web & App Activity

6. At the next window, tap on Manage Activity and re-enter your password to confirm the account. At the top right, tap on the more icon and select “Keep activity for”.

7. Now, you will again have the option to manually delete or force Google to automatically delete after three or 18 months. Now, tap Next and confirm to save your choice.

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