PUBG Mobile is definitely one of the most popular games right now. And it has become one of the biggest earners for the whole PUBG franchise. Though the mobile, PC and Xbox versions are made by different developers, the title as a whole is owned by Tencent. PUBG Mobile is the only version of the game that comes with its own currency, called UC or Unknown Credit.

Unknown Credit or UC can be bought in the PUBG Mobile game itself using real currency. Transactions in the game can be done using the preferred method set on Google Play. The price of UC begins from Rs 79 for 60 UC, and goes up to Rs 7,900 for 8,100 UC. Which means on an average the value of 1 UC is slightly more than Re 1. And those buying UC will positively need to have a payment option configured on their Google Play account. But there are other ways to buy UCs for your account as well, and that is what we will be telling you next.

How to buy UC outside Google Pay

One of the methods to buy UC without using a payment option on Google Pay is by using an external website that has a tie-up with Tencent Games. In this case we will be showing how to recharge using the CodaPay portal, which has recently started services in India. Here are the steps to get a recharge done using the CodaPay portal.

1. Go to the CodaPay International transactions ( webpage, and select India.

2. Select PUBG in the next page and this will bring users to a page where they can log in using either their game ID or Facebook account if it is connected to the PUBG account. Log in using the preferred method and then press proceed.

3. Once logged in, users will be greeted by payment options that include Paytm, Codapay and Redeem Code. The most obvious and easiest method is using Paytm, and the payment options start here from Rs 40 for 35 UC, and go up to Rs 7,900 for 8,750 UC. This is considerably more than the standard rates in the game.

4. The next page will prompt billing information that includes Phone Number and Email. And once these are filled in Paytm will be triggered and this will open the Paytm portal. Once the payment is confirmed, the confirmation page will appear, and the UC will be added to the account in PUBG Mobile.

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