Netflix today announced its new Hindi user interface. This is good news for those Indians who don’t want to use the English UI and would rather prefer Hindi for ease. From sign up to search, rows, collections, and payment, the company has completely changed the interface. The new Netflix UI is available across all devices on mobile, TV, and web.

A recent WATConsult report asserted that around 70 percent of all internet users will access the internet in their local languages by December 2020. This seems to be the reason why Netflix has launched a new user interface. The report is titled ‘Digital, Diverse and Multilingual India.’ So, new members can select Hindi as their preferred language when asked during the signup process. The popular streaming app allows you to set up to five profiles in each account.

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Also, each profile can have a different language setting, which a great. Netflix members outside India also have the option to switch their user interface to Hindi. Netflix currently offers three different streaming plans in the Indian market. These plans include the Basic plan, the Standard plan, and the Premium plan. There is also a Mobile-only plan, which is priced at 199 per month. The Basic plan is priced at Rs 499 per month with SD resolution to one screen.

The standard plan amounts to Rs 649 per month with content available in HD in two screens at any given time. The premium plan is priced at Rs 799 per month at HD/UHD resolution in four different screens at any time. The company just recently unveiled a lineup of 17 original stories, including six new films and two new series. Here’s how you can switch Netflix user interface from English to Hindi:

How to change the Netflix user interface to Hindi?

Step 1: Sign in to your Netflix account on from your web browser on your device.

Step 2: Select your profile and choose “Manage profiles.”

Step 3: Click on the Language drop-down menu and select Hindi. You then need to save your preferences and you are done.

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