Has Pegasus spyware infected your mobile phone too? There is a way to find out if the talked about Pegasus spyware in the recent times has affected your mobile device. A report from TechCrunch suggests that researcher at Amnesty International have published a tool that can let anyone, and everyone identify if their smartphone has been infected by the dangerous Pegasus spyware. The tool is called Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT).

Designed by researchers at Amnesty, the Mobile Verification Toolkit reportedly identifies if a mobile device has been infected with Pegasus spyware. The toolkit is said to work for both Android as well as iPhone. Researchers say that the tool can detect any indicators of compromise (IOC) used by the spyware to infect any device.

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Mobile Verification Toolkit is made available for free on GitHub. The toolkit depends on a command-line interface (CLI), which basically means that a common user will not find it very easy to use the tool on a regular basis. It will be easier for users who are comfortable typing in commands to use the toolkit and find out if their mobile phone has been impacted with Pegasus spyware.

Check if Pegasus has infected your phone

Researchers at Amnesty International claim that iPhones are more vulnerable to the Pegasus spyware when compared to Android phones. For iPhones, the Mobile Verification Toolkit can read the backup and check for any signs that suggests the device was compromised. The toolkit has the capability to read Pegasus-related domains which may show up in the device backup. Once that is done, the tool informs the user if any such IOC was detected.

As for Android devices, the tool checks the backup for any links to NSO Group’s domains sent via SMS/text message. It also verifies the integrity of all apps installed on the device and checks if they have been compromised.

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